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5D United is a collection of schools, businesses, sports teams and community-based organizations committed to promoting health & wellness.


By joining the 5D Team, you receive a free online apparel store while expanding access for your students to unique on-site & local events.

Our PROCESS is Simple

1. Send us your logo and we’ll design your custom apparel. 

2. Share your new online apparel store.

3. Enjoy various 5D health & fitness incentives and prizes.

4. Receive funds back for your organization while helping others. 

5. Update store every season to continue the 5D United mission.


Online School Apparel Store

Increase School Spirit

Great Fundraising Tool

Special Guest Speakers

On-Site Group Fitness Classes

Bulk Order Discounts

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About Us

At 5D United, we recognize the importance of neighborhood schools serving as anchor institutions within their communities. That’s why we partner with various school districts to offer community-driven apparel.

By empowering schools through their new branded apparel, we are able to create opportunities that build the health and wellbeing of students and residents nearby. The 5Ds ensure we have no shortage of inspiration.

Dedication  •  Determination  •  Desire  •  Discipline  •  Decision-Making